About our company

Financial Background

Royal Chocolates NV is a healthy, debt-free company. Over the past years, we have experienced strong, double-digit top and bottom line growth. This allows us to invest in future growth by expanding into new markets, optimised production processes and building brand awareness. The total employee cost as a percentage of yearly revenu is less than 10%! This as an indicator of the company's efficiency.

Dun & Bradstreet gives us an A 1 rating. Doing business with Royal Chocolates is equal to entering into a reliable, long-term partnership.

Unique Selling Points

  • Quality guaranteed: Belgian chocolate of superior quality.
  • Maximum chocolate taste: Crispy, delicious & light.
  • Innovative: Unique, patented concept
  • Glossy, smart packaging: Stands out, ready to serve.
  • Affordable: Premium Belgian chocolate in everybodies reach.
  • Enjoy all year round: By itself, with coffee, as decoration for (cup)cake, ice cream …